Running In: Architextural Yarns

I’m in love with these Australian-made pieces. Jewelry designer Sue Tennent has an eye for structure and pattern along with impeccable craftsmanship.

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Runs With Markers is Now On Facebook


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From The Studio: A Business Update

I can’t seem to do a clean site launch. I’m sure some of my more devoted readers will notice small changes to Runs With Markers on a weekly, and even daily basis. Also getting a slow facelift is my professional site, I finally have my brand visually where I want it to be. Now, it’s just the business side of the equation that gets some tinkering. Last week, I received my first freelance assignment for South Magazine. Be sure to look for my article in the February/March issue of the magazine, hitting stands all over the South at the end of January. You can see articles I have already written for South on their blog.

Meanwhile, to boost my freelancing portfolio, I am following the guidelines of Lexi Rodrigo, a mom and freelance who authors The Savvy Freelancer. Her list, 31 Days to Start Freelancing, provides individuals with a step-by-step process to get their businesses up and running. I would definitely recommend checking this out regardless of your industry. Designers, writers, decorators and bloggers can all benefit from her great program.

xo Grace

Sunday Funday

I hope everyone had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I am still on holiday hiatus but am ready to get back to regular posting tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is an illustration I whipped up this morning to go along with one of my pieces of nonfiction. You can check out the piece, Online Dating Makes Me BaHa, on my professional website,