Delicate Necklaces That Make Bold Statements

There is something about a finely crafted and delicate necklace. It is a conversation starter for one, especially this Batman number above by BK & JIO on Etsy. They all serve as a tiny metal mantra.

This Mermaid Necklace by Mother Was Right reminds me to be playful.

This Heart Necklace by Petite Co. reminds me what’s truly important.

And this Wishbone Necklace by Bijoux By Meg reminds me that I’m pretty lucky, even when things don’t go exactly my way.

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Carolina In My Mind

Carolina has been on my mind a lot lately since I won’t get to be there until Christmas Eve. Meanwhile I will settle for these adorable necklaces that remind me home is really where the heart is. I know, totally cheesy but sometimes it helps to wear a little reminder. Ginna Earl sells the necklaces on her Etsy shop here but also has a brick and mortar establishment in my favorite little artsy town in NC, Carrboro. It’s called Vespertine. If you are ever in the area check it out!

Heart Over Asheville
Heart Over the Triangle
Heart Over Wilmington