The Tattoo Without the Commitment

Designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, @swissmiss, seems to be queen of creative these days. Her projects run the gamut from Teux Deux to Creative Mornings to Studio Mates. Lately though, I am after the products of her project, Tattly. Tattly offers artistic-minded tattoos and best of all, they are temporary. Look out for designs by household names like Jessica Hische as well as tattoos for when you are feeling especially cheeky.

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Bill Gold

What girl doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn’s classic style? Well here’s to the man that put it in print. These three posters are designed by the famous Bill Gold who did many illustration style movie posters from the mid-century. I love the crisp treatment of text and color-blocked illustration.

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Makri for The Row

This post harkens back to my motivation for another post, The Problem with Being a Graphic Designer…. The logo for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, The Row, immediately caught my eye. I am definitely a sucker for logos with combined letter glyphs, when letters blend together.

What then got my attention though was the great new line of jewelry done by Makri for the Row. Check out this beautiful round eye ring in 18k pink gold with green, burgundy and black diamonds. In my pretend life where I am a millionairess, I would definitely be splurging on colored diamonds as a beautiful alternative to classic white diamonds.

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There is a trend circling in the design of album and book covers right now. Both Mylo Xyloto from Coldplay and Steve Martin’s book An Object of Beauty channel the knockout lettering filled with abstract/colorful designs. I’m not sure that there is an explanation better than that, haha, so just take a look.

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The problem with being a Graphic Designer…

Do you know the show Extreme Couponing? Well, if not, we’ve all been guilty of doing just the same, buying something because of the great deal. But, you know, times are tough, no shame. I however, have a different problem. I buy things just because I like the packaging. Does it have a trusted brand name? Probably not. Does it look super awesome? ALWAYS. It is always nice to buy a product on the basis of the design and then discover that the product itself is pretty sweet too. Today I am referring to my recent purchase of J.R. Watkins Dish Soap in Lemon that I found at Target. No animal bi-products or colors and fillers. Woohoo! I will be indulging in J.R. Watkins home products for the foreseeable future.