And You Thought the Shake Weight Was Bad…

I am in the midst of a group project along with two classmates. The goal, to create a 30-second YouTube video with essentially no parameters. When my professor suggested a commercial as a simple option, I immediately knew that I would have to dream up some heinously amazing product and its accompanying infomercial. Now, don’t flip your lid. I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag yet. I will tell you that though, there is a clue in the text of this post. However, I did find this amazing video of the top 10 worst infomercials OF ALL TIME. I’m really not sure why UroGolf isn’t number one…question mark?



Biding some recent medical issues, I have been rather sleepy lately. Sometimes, I will completely miss “morning” and arrive at Starbucks at 12:30 only to find my greeting is 30 minutes too late.

My mom suggested I get a sleep study and I just can’t bring myself to do it. It is official, I am iatrophobic. I have a fear of going to the doctor. This really isn’t a new realization though. The last time I got my blood drawn at the doctor, the Laotian medical tech told me “No worry! Me give you Bugs Bunny [band-aid].” The shame was palpable.

Shame on a finger.
Shame on a finger.

So, in favor of going for an overnight sleep study and having a crop of electrodes pasted all over my body, I’ve gathered a few items to help me sleep naturally.


1. Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask, $16,

2. Lavender Chamomile Pillow Mist, $10,

3. Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea 3-Pack, $20,

4. Cooling Bed Pillow, $41,

Summer Essentials

Now that I have all these summer plans, I’m going to need the right supplies. After a 400 euro ($800 USD) debacle coming home from my semester abroad in Italy back in 2009, I vowed to be a better packer. That ghastly amount is what I had to pay IN ADDITION to my pricey cross-Atlantic ticket to get my belongings home. Screw you, Alitalia. So, for this summer I’ll need a beastly suitcase. My brothers have had the Adventure Rolling Duffle from L.L. Bean for the past 10 years. Every time we travel, I’m always angling for one of their suitcases, convincing them that girls have WAY more to pack and that their things can fit in my modest red roller bag. I’d say it’s high time I got my own, considering Karl and David’s have held up for so long, they must be made of magic. I also think it’s rather nifty that L.L. Bean has staff at their headquarters in Portland, Maine that run around town testing the luggage.


Next, I’ll need some versatile shoes. Since we will be canoeing and hiking and being generally adventurous, I think Chacos will work. As a kid, my mom would force me into Teva’s, another type of rubber sandal that I just thought were horribly uncool. For whatever reason, Chacos are their more popular cousin, even edging their way into the southern college greek scene. Once my friend said to me, “Ewww, never, NEVER get Chacos.” “Why?” I asked. “Those are for potheads,” she said. However, I think I am willing to throw my reputation into the wind for comfort.

chaco-zxand2-yampa-sport-sandals-for-women-in-prep~p~4903w_01~1500.3Last but not least, I’ll need some entertainment. Sure, iPad’s are great. They combine practicality and fun. But recently, I got a better idea. When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to have video games (hand-held or console). I would spend hours at friends’ houses trying to get my hands on a Nintendo or a Game Boy. So, since I was never allowed one as a child, I figured I should make up for my loss and scour eBay. I found a Game Boy in Atomic Purple along with a few other relics from the stone ages, Pokemon, Spongebob (Legend of the Lost Spatula), Frogger and Super Mario Brothers Deluxe. My boyfriend (I’m sure) really enjoys when I scream expletives at the small screen. There is just no other way to react when you are Spongebob and you are being mauled by a giant jellyfish. I’ll just have to train myself to keep quiet on the airplane…




Sorry Clients…Things We Designers Have All Heard Before

We’ve all cringed at them before. Those illustrious comments from clients that upon second thought sound utterly nonsensical. In a review meeting you’ll say “Sure. I’d be glad to make that sandwich more playful.” However, when you get home and sit down at your desk, not even your glossy Mac screen can cheer you up at the prospect of crafting a sandwich that has a little more spring in its step. For these beautiful and cheeky posters we can thank Sharp Suits, brainchild of designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy of Mark + Paddy. Even better, the sale of posters will benefit Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

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