Carolina In My Mind

Carolina has been on my mind a lot lately since I won’t get to be there until Christmas Eve. Meanwhile I will settle for these adorable necklaces that remind me home is really where the heart is. I know, totally cheesy but sometimes it helps to wear a little reminder. Ginna Earl sells the necklaces on her Etsy shop here but also has a brick and mortar establishment in my favorite little artsy town in NC, Carrboro. It’s called Vespertine. If you are ever in the area check it out!

Heart Over Asheville
Heart Over the Triangle
Heart Over Wilmington

Cynthia Rybakoff

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting jewelry designer Cynthia Rybakoff at Brooklyn shopping haunt Artists & Fleas. Not only is she super nice but her designs are beautiful. I bought a gorgeous sterling silver necklace with a petite shell engraved on the pendant. I am loving her new collection, Mixed Messages, that debuted at Bendel’s for Fashion’s Night Out. The gold is classic and the geometry of the pieces give them a modern edge.

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Makri for The Row

This post harkens back to my motivation for another post, The Problem with Being a Graphic Designer…. The logo for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, The Row, immediately caught my eye. I am definitely a sucker for logos with combined letter glyphs, when letters blend together.

What then got my attention though was the great new line of jewelry done by Makri for the Row. Check out this beautiful round eye ring in 18k pink gold with green, burgundy and black diamonds. In my pretend life where I am a millionairess, I would definitely be splurging on colored diamonds as a beautiful alternative to classic white diamonds.

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“Frost Yourselves”

We all know the seminal 2003 classic, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and the sexy Matthew McConaughey, advertising exec who comes up with the catchy “Frost Yourself” diamond campaign. I wish I could do just that but alas, I have a graduate student budget. I am loving the teardrop gemstone look right now, instead. I see it everywhere. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and other celebs among them.

My favorite are these by Ippolita, but in the universe where I have an unlimited budget.

But for those of us who do not have a Louis wallet overflowing with cash…These beautiful alternatives from two Etsy shop-owners. One and Two.