The New(ish) North Carolina Museum of Art

If any of you have been up to Raleigh lately, let’s hope that you visited the newly renovated North Carolina Museum of Art, imagined by Tom Phifer and Partners, a green architecture firm out of Manhattan. I had a chance to listen to the Phifer’s (Tom and wife, Jean) at Davidson College in February. They are truly passionate about good design and green best practices.

So I have two favorite things about this new space.

1. The Rodin Courtyard: I mean, helllooo!, a courtyard of Rodin. And I thought we were lucky at Davidson to have our own Jean D’Aire in the atrium of the Visual Arts Center.

Photo Credit Scott Frances North Carolina Museum of Art

2. The amazing outdoor space. Take your lunch along for post-art strolling in the park behind the museum.

Photo Credit Heather Gillespie

So, if you are making a Raleigh trip be sure to check out the museum. You may find yourself like this little girl…

Photo Credit Tom Phifer and Partners

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