Everyone Needs a Chair

When I was a kid I would visit my grandmother’s farm in Maryland. I loved her antique furniture. Especially her green armchair. This armchair, however, was her armchair and I spent the better part of my childhood trying to finagle my way into getting to sit in it. I finally decided that when I had my own place I was going to have such a chair, one that fit me perfectly and that only I could occupy. While mine isn’t the dreamiest of interior decor it is absolutely perfect, accompanied by my coffee table topped with none other than Grace Bonney’s new book, Design*Sponge at Home.

I was lucky enough to see Grace Bonney speak last night in Savannah and get her to sign my copy. Yay!

And because everyone needs their own special chair, here is more chair inspiration from one of my favorite illustrators, Maira Kalman. I saw her exhibition at the Jewish Museum this summer in New York. Absolutely lovely.
And, the chair is pink. Even better.

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