Charming Vintage Finds

Photo Credit In Dramatic Fashion

This weekend I was lucky enough to have my mom come visit me in New York. Albeit she slept on my futon and had to share my bathroom where you cannot even sit front-ways on the toilet, it was a great time.

We set out on Saturday in search of a few haunts to fill our thrifting quotient for the weekend.

The first was Pippin Vintage Jewelry, recommended to me by my co-worker at the gallery. Pippin is a great find. The interior of the shop is always crowded but the merchandise is worth maneuvering the small aisle. Favorites included old cameos, bakelite chains, sterling and turquoise belt buckles, and the collection of white gloves.

Pippin is located at 112 W 17th St in Manhattan.

Other finds of the weekend were the Angel Street Thrift Shop and always wonderful Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.

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