Sweat and Sotheby’s

If anyone could sum up my experience with the New York heat it would be Nathan Badley of The Life and Times of Nathan Badley with this picture and vivid blog entry to boot.

Photo Credit Nathan Badley

Even though I am in the most style conscious city in the US, I choose every morning to hold off on makeup until the office bathroom for this is usually how I look post train ride.

So, yesterday when I got off work and hopped on the subway to Sotheby’s Institute of Art for an intern lecture, you can imagine how I felt upon arrival, particularly in a room full of inordinately stylish other interns. Sotheby’s Institute of Art has educated members of the art world for over 40 years in Art History and Business. The guest of the evening was Lisa Dennison, Chairman of North and South American Art at Sotheby’s. Professor Andras Szantos of the institute was on hand to moderate. Lisa gave the interns in attendance a peak into her life as one of the most powerful women in the field, from her morning exercise routine to her meeting with the “Warhol People”, “Oops, she wasn’t supposed to say that”. As an intern in a gallery it was fascinating to hear from someone who started out as an intern and ended up a chairman.

Lisa’s knowledge and advice covered a profuse amount of territory but I think I will most fondly recall her amazing shoes. After scouring Jimmy Choo, Manolo, and Louboutin, I had no luck. These are the closest replicas I could find. Still gorgeous! And they happen to be the shoe of choice of one of my favorite tv heroines, Nico Reilly (Kim Raver) of Lipstick Jungle (sadly discontinued).

Photo Credit Brian Atwood

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