The High Heeled Traveler


My newly minted blog acquaintance, Jamie, has a great blog already over at High Heeled Traveler. As her tagline notes, she explores travel, art, style and wine and now my possibly favorite post, Video Games and Beer. Her husband, who she refers to as “Gman” influences her expert pairing of various pilsners and lagers with zombies and combat. Anyone with a gamer, *sigh*, significant other will get a good laugh.

Jamie is now launching a quarterly magazine of the same name. Each issue will center on a theme. The first issue will be on ‘home’ and what it means to different people. Jamie is accepting submissions of recipes, music, style, fiction, short stories, poems, and any other forms of original drawing or writing. The first run will be in February 2013 with several hundred copies.

If you are interested in submitting, please email Jamie at by the deadline, December 31st! Happy creating.

Image via High Heeled Traveler


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