Weekend Task: Apothecary Chest

The apothecary chest. I consider it the flea market holy grail, at least one that is in working condition. There are great replicas and constructions on Etsy, but for some reason I am expecting to stumble across some under 50 dollars. Is this unreasonable for an apothecary chest? Let me know if any of you all come across an apothecary chest or card catalog this weekend while flea marketing. Meanwhile, lust after these finds with me below.

il_570xN.395502151_1c15 il_570xN.403678037_ru1v il_570xN.408700925_ndsa


1. Multi Drawer Tool and Hardware Desk Organizer from Repurposed Vintage Cheese Boxes by Seelamade via Etsy

2. Multi Drawer Apothecary Cabinet or Desk Organizer from Repurposed Vintage Cheese Boxes by Seelamade via Etsy

3. Vintage Oak Card Catalog by AuroraMills via Etsy



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