Ingenuity Incorporated


I have been following Joy Cho since the beginning of my foray into graphic design. This lovely lady is the creator of the blog, Oh Joy, and collaborator and generator of many other projects. I think I have to bullet them there are so many…

Joy does…

  • textile design
  • packaging design
  • branding
  • blogging
  • book-writing (2!)
  • stationery design
  • home-office product design
  • wallpaper design
  • consulting


What I am most impressed with lately though is her books. Creative, Inc. and Blog, Inc. Creative, Inc. gives you all the necessary tools for boosting your creative business into a full-time gig. Let me tell you this is not your average business read. It is so simple to read I finished the entire thing among a week of relaxing nightly baths. Who knew business could be fun? That’s Cho’s whole point though, as she equips her readers to do what they love.

Blog, the name suggests, gives experienced and inexperienced bloggers tips and strategies for building your blog into something beyond a hobby. Whether it’s monetizing a blog or simply choosing a platform Blog, Inc. has simple instructions.

One of the best features of both books is that they feature testimonials and interviews from real-life bloggers and designers that have experienced success in starting their own business. It is definitely reassuring to know that supporting yourself as a creative is possible!



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