Art on My Walls: Elizabeth Bradford

"Kim's Garden, August" hanging in my parents' dining room
“Kim’s Garden, August” hanging in my parents’ dining room

Sometimes I forget how amazing my little hometown is. Davidson, North Carolina is a tiny college hamlet about 30 minutes north of Charlotte. It was a great place to grow up and the college presence generated plenty of intellectual and architectural fodder. One of my favorite local painters from the area is Elizabeth Bradford. I went to elementary school with her kids and remember seeing her at the local swimming hole from time to time.

Now my parents have one of her gorgeous works in their dining room. She paints mostly photorealistic landscapes with intensified colors and light. Her sense of light reminds me of one of my other favorite genres of art, Impressionism.

Bradford-003_4_900_460_85 Bradford-013_503_700_85 Bradford-003_1_695_700_85 17_750_499_85

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